Spirit: Do a deed in combatant spirit
1) Do the best, never retreat when encountering difficulties, dare to challenge
2) Pursue higher goals and dreams, break through self-limitation
3) Innovate, keep learning and growing continuously, create better platform for    ourselves
4) Work harder than anyone else, be concentrated 100%


Reverence: Return the world with grateful heart
1) Respect others, with less criticism, more encouragement and more admiration
2) Respect specialty, understand and value other’s work fruit
3) Be grateful for other’s effort, coordination and backing
4) Listen attentively


Honesty: Be down-to-earth and seek truth from the facts
1) Be upright, respect objective laws, do not fabricate facts, do not do things by irregular ways
2) Be honest and pragmatic, be scrupulous in separating public from private interests, be simple and straight
3) Do not engage in formalism; everyone is the business operator with “ Amoeba” consciousness
4) Dare to make self-criticism(this is the basis for optimizing and improving)


Harmony: Share together, develop together and win-win together
1) The best cooperation is consistently cooperating with the company’s aim.
2) Benefit others, help others grow and achieve ourselves
3) Let people do what they are good at, learn from each other, share results
福建11选5走势图4) Communicate when encountering problems, reduce suspicion and arbitrary judgment, think from another way



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