About Bornsun

Shenzhen Bornsun Industrial Co.,Ltd, established in 2004, is a nationally high-tech enterprise integrating research, manufacturing and sales. Legally registered in Shenzhen, we also have branches in Dongguan and Taiwan.


Our main products include thermal interface materials (thermal pad, sil-pad, thermal tape, thermal silicone potting sealant, thermal grease),insulation materials(PP and PC insulation sheets), electromagnetic shielding materials(conductive rubber, conductive adhesive), finished silica gel products, etc. Products are widely used in multiple industries, such as LED, solar energy, computer, TV set, cellphone, automobile, switch and so on. We have been selected as a long-term supplier by dozens of domestic and foreign famous companies, such as Foxconn, Shanghai GM, Sony, Siemens, Emerson, China Great Wall Industry, AcBel, ZTE, HuaWei, etc.


福建11选5走势图In 2008, we and Tsinghua University jointly established Shenzhen Key Laboratory and Tsinghua-Bornsun Thermal Management Laboratory. Same in this year, we, Tsinghua University and HuaWei jointly undertook the national 863 Project.

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